Christmas CUP 2008
.: T081227D :.

Submitted by Aldo Podavini (Flatline)

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; TC[T081227D]
; CL[C]
; EV[Christmas CUP 2008]
; PC[LT, Moletai]
; DT[2008-12-27,2008-12-27]
; HA[h0]
; KM[6.5]
; TM[30]
; CM[ (submitted by Paulius_Almintas)]
113813140Giedrius Tumelis1dLTKaun8+/B310+/W07+/W73+/W12+/W8
212850893Indre Grainyte8kLTViln27+/B616+/B04+/B56+/W31-/B8
314549095Gintautas Miselis1kLTViln17+/W611+/W114+/W61-/B17+/W6
414513763Simonas Satkus3kLTViln15+/W55+/W52-/W58+/B616+/W5
513750264Ieva Stanynaite8kLTMar13+/W94-/B518+/B815+/W09+/W3
614286756Simona Gluskeviciute11kLTMole22+/W59+/W019+/W72-/B313+/W6
715298569Simonas Mozura7kLTMole28+/W012+/W21-/B717+/B03-/B6
812733589Andrius Petrauskas4dLTViln1-/W327+/W511+/W54-/W618+/W3
914537116Sigita Stanynaite11kLTMar20+/W56-/B026+/B919+/W75-/B3
1012762530Donatas Ugenskas1dLTKaun25+/W51-/B015-/W821+/W217+/W7
1112733567Gytis Vasiliauskas2kLTViln23+/W53-/B18-/B525+/W315+/W6
1214562097Andrius Silinskas9kLTMole21+/B77-/B217-/B220+/W719+/W9
1315033458Nadezda Savcenko17kLTViln5-/B931+/W929+/W816+/B96-/B6
1413650934Evaldas Nariunas7kLTMole0=25+/B23-/B626+/B622+/W9
1513933689Agne Sironaite8kLTMole4-/B522+/W810+/B85-/B011-/B6
1614501102Rytis Vasiliauskas8kLTMole18+/B82-/W020+/W813-/W94-/B5
1714574769Vytautas Smitas7kLTViln3-/B624+/W912+/W27-/W010-/B7
1812762563Paulius Almintas1dLTKaun16-/W821+/W25-/W823+/W78-/B3
1915437235Judita Janaviciute18kLTMole24+/B229+/W76-/B79-/B712-/B9
2014562768Ruta Damosiute16kLTViln9-/B523+/B916-/B812-/B728+/B9
2112713547Gytis Vidziunas2kLTViln12-/W718-/B228+/W510-/B225+/W3
2214525104Linas Sironas16kLTMole6-/B515-/B831+/W929+/W914-/B9
2314501762Greta Kazlauskaite7kLTMole11-/B520-/W924+/W918-/B726+/B6
2415233570Mindaugas Drulia16kLTViln19-/W217-/B923-/B931+/W929+/W9
2513074501Sandra Trotaite5kLTViln10-/B514-/W227+/B311-/B321-/B3
2612813405Marija Sironaite1kLTKaun30-/B128+/W69-/W914-/W623-/W6
2712713536Jonas Kraujelis2kLTMole2-/W68-/B525-/W328-/W531+/W9
2812749572Dovile Kraujalyte7kLTViln7-/B026-/B621-/B527+/B520-/W9
2915462238Andrius Stasiunas20kLTViln31+/W319-/B713-/B822-/B924-/B9
3010613592Olaf Martens1dLTViln26+/W10=0=0=0=
3115474239Andre Treinyte20kLTUte29-/B313-/B922-/B924-/B927-/B9
; TC[T081227D]
; CL[C]
; EV[Christmas CUP 2008]
; PC[LT, Moletai]
; DT[2008-12-27,2008-12-27]
; HA[h0]
; KM[6.5]
; TM[30]
; CM[ (submitted by Paulius_Almintas)]
 1 Tumelis Giedrius       1d LT  Kaun  8+/B3   10+/W0  7+/W7   3+/W1   2+/W8    |13813140
 2 Grainyte Indre         8k LT  Viln  27+/B6  16+/B0  4+/B5   6+/W3   1-/B8    |12850893
 3 Miselis Gintautas      1k LT  Viln  17+/W6  11+/W1  14+/W6  1-/B1   7+/W6    |14549095
 4 Satkus Simonas         3k LT  Viln  15+/W5  5+/W5   2-/W5   8+/B6   16+/W5   |14513763
 5 Stanynaite Ieva        8k LT  Mar   13+/W9  4-/B5   18+/B8  15+/W0  9+/W3    |13750264
 6 Gluskeviciute Simona  11k LT  Mole  22+/W5  9+/W0   19+/W7  2-/B3   13+/W6   |14286756
 7 Mozura Simonas         7k LT  Mole  28+/W0  12+/W2  1-/B7   17+/B0  3-/B6    |15298569
 8 Petrauskas Andrius     4d LT  Viln  1-/W3   27+/W5  11+/W5  4-/W6   18+/W3   |12733589
 9 Stanynaite Sigita     11k LT  Mar   20+/W5  6-/B0   26+/B9  19+/W7  5-/B3    |14537116
10 Ugenskas Donatas       1d LT  Kaun  25+/W5  1-/B0   15-/W8  21+/W2  17+/W7   |12762530
11 Vasiliauskas Gytis     2k LT  Viln  23+/W5  3-/B1   8-/B5   25+/W3  15+/W6   |12733567
12 Silinskas Andrius      9k LT  Mole  21+/B7  7-/B2   17-/B2  20+/W7  19+/W9   |14562097
13 Savcenko Nadezda      17k LT  Viln  5-/B9   31+/W9  29+/W8  16+/B9  6-/B6    |15033458
14 Nariunas Evaldas       7k LT  Mole  0=      25+/B2  3-/B6   26+/B6  22+/W9   |13650934
15 Sironaite Agne         8k LT  Mole  4-/B5   22+/W8  10+/B8  5-/B0   11-/B6   |13933689
16 Vasiliauskas Rytis     8k LT  Mole  18+/B8  2-/W0   20+/W8  13-/W9  4-/B5    |14501102
17 Smitas Vytautas        7k LT  Viln  3-/B6   24+/W9  12+/W2  7-/W0   10-/B7   |14574769
18 Almintas Paulius       1d LT  Kaun  16-/W8  21+/W2  5-/W8   23+/W7  8-/B3    |12762563
19 Janaviciute Judita    18k LT  Mole  24+/B2  29+/W7  6-/B7   9-/B7   12-/B9   |15437235
20 Damosiute Ruta        16k LT  Viln  9-/B5   23+/B9  16-/B8  12-/B7  28+/B9   |14562768
21 Vidziunas Gytis        2k LT  Viln  12-/W7  18-/B2  28+/W5  10-/B2  25+/W3   |12713547
22 Sironas Linas         16k LT  Mole  6-/B5   15-/B8  31+/W9  29+/W9  14-/B9   |14525104
23 Kazlauskaite Greta     7k LT  Mole  11-/B5  20-/W9  24+/W9  18-/B7  26+/B6   |14501762
24 Drulia Mindaugas      16k LT  Viln  19-/W2  17-/B9  23-/B9  31+/W9  29+/W9   |15233570
25 Trotaite Sandra        5k LT  Viln  10-/B5  14-/W2  27+/B3  11-/B3  21-/B3   |13074501
26 Sironaite Marija       1k LT  Kaun  30-/B1  28+/W6  9-/W9   14-/W6  23-/W6   |12813405
27 Kraujelis Jonas        2k LT  Mole  2-/W6   8-/B5   25-/W3  28-/W5  31+/W9   |12713536
28 Kraujalyte Dovile      7k LT  Viln  7-/B0   26-/B6  21-/B5  27+/B5  20-/W9   |12749572
29 Stasiunas Andrius     20k LT  Viln  31+/W3  19-/B7  13-/B8  22-/B9  24-/B9   |15462238
30 Martens Olaf           1d LT  Viln  26+/W1  0=      0=      0=      0=       |10613592
31 Treinyte Andre        20k LT  Ute   29-/B3  13-/B9  22-/B9  24-/B9  27-/B9   |15474239

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Paulius Almintas'

Paulius Almintas' opponents list
1 14501102 Rytis Vasiliauskas      LT Mole 8k 1300 8 16 1450110212762563T081227D1
2 12713547 Gytis Vidziunas      LT Viln 2k 1836 2 21 1276256312713547T081227D2
3 13750264 Ieva Stanynaite      LT Mar 8k 1177 8 5 1375026412762563T081227D3
4 14501762 Greta Kazlauskaite      LT Mole 7k 1074 7 23 1276256314501762T081227D4
5 12733589 Andrius Petrauskas      LT Viln 4d 2299 3 8 1273358912762563T081227D5

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  Players distribution
Country code
Number of Club
Total Players
Number of Players
Lithuania LT 5 31 Kaun 4
        Mar 2
        Mole 10
        Ute 1
        Viln 14

Total Countries
Total Clubs
Total Players
1 5 31
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